3 thoughts on “Inches Magazine SEP 1987

  1. I so wanted to pose for Old Reliable, Scott O’Hara tried to get us together before he died 15 years ago, but David began to slip away from us at that time.

  2. David Hurles was the very best photographer I ever had in my Career in Professional Porn. He understood that who to get his Porn Subject turned on just by his direction, is essence He stroked us with his Voice and Direction.

  3. Having written a Bio about Chad James with his involvement for my 1950-2000 period bio group:Forgive me Father … Devils & Angels, I have followed his career as a gay porn star with the greatest of interest.

    Although not so often in contact with him because of his travelling, group activities, as well as my intermittent health issues on the other side of the Pond, he is, however, still in my thoughts as I try to keep up to speed with his news through his group e-mails.

    Chad James remains close to my heart as a friend and pre-condom gay porn star … when being hairy was not as in vogue as being smooth in the 1980’s … but he fortunately bucked the trend and made being hairy so hot on film and had a body to lust after.

    With charisma, superb body hair and pubes, he become an icon and legend Bear that survived the AIDS epidemic that raged like fire throughout the world … and is now a living testament of all that is positive about having been a pre-condom star of the Golden Age of gay porn!


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